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Twitter Spaces has graduated from a beta test to a full-fledged feature. On Monday the social media platform announced that starting today it will allow anyone with 600 or more followers to start a new Space. 

The feature, which mimics the social media startup Clubhouse in creating audio chat rooms, first entered public testing late last year. You can either create your own room or join ones made by others, with the creators of each room having the power to control who is able to speak, mute speakers or kick them out of the room entirely.

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Speakers in the virtual rooms will also be able to pin tweets inside the Space, as well as turn on captions. Those who aren’t speakers can request the ability to speak. 

Twitter says that while it still may bring the feature to all of its users, the company chose 600 followers as the bar for this expansion because it found that “these accounts are likely to have a good experience hosting live conversations because of their existing audience.” 

In addition to expanding access, Twitter says it is working on a “Ticketed Spaces” feature that would allow hosts to create more exclusive events. The company says the hosts for these events are in control of how much a ticket would cost and how many would be available, with the hosts earning “the majority of the revenue from ticket sales” while “Twitter will keep a small amount as well.”

Also in the works are the ability to co-host Spaces with others, the option to schedule upcoming Spaces and better accessibility options, including more accurate live captions.

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