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Unable to join Matchmaking fix – Halo Infinite

Experiencing Matchmaking issues in Halo Infinite? We might have a solution for you.

Halo Infinite usually delivers a pretty exciting online experience. That said, the game has seen some trouble in the months following its release. Players have run into issues with Matchmaking that prevent them from getting into games, particularly with Big Team Battle mode. We’ve run into this issue ourselves and may have a solution to fix your Halo Infinite Matchmaking issues.

Unable to join Matchmaking fix – Halo Infinite

When you’re in Halo Infinite Matchmaking, you may get an error message that reads “You were unable to connect to the fireteam. Please try again.” In such a case, it’s typical to want to simply try again, but the error messages seem to keep popping up, almost immediately after closing the previous one out. The fastest way to get out of this frustrating loop is to quit your client by pressing Alt + F4. We’ve observed that this issue occurs most frequently when queuing for Big Team Battle with a large party of players. Joining with a smaller fireteam might make it easier to find a match.

There’s also an issue where players will get stuck on the “other players loading” message at the bottom of the screen as they wait to load into a game. If this message persists for too long, holding the 1 key on the keyboard will cancel matchmaking. However, depending on how far in the process you are, canceling may not be an option, and you might have to close your game.

As a free-to-play game, Halo Infinite’s servers have seen some steady traffic since its launch, but that’s proven to be both a blessing and a curse. As developer 343 Industries continues to patch and improve Halo Infinite, here’s hoping that the Matchmaking issues will soon be resolved.