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Unboxing and review: Harry Potter Mystery Wands Series 5

We got our hands on some Mystery Wands for the Harry Potter series.

Wands are prevalent throughout the Harry Potter series as the main weapon used by the heroes and villains. Those that are fans of the films can even recognize the specific wands used by Harr, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, and other characters. Most of these wands can be bought as collectable items in real life, and we’ve gotten our hands on some. We’ve filmed an unboxing of some wands over on our YouTube channel.

Shacknews head of video got his hand on some Series 5 Mystery Wands. As the name implies, these Mystery Wands are packages that contain a replica of a wand seen in the Harry Potter films, but you won’t know which one until you open it. There’s nine wands in total and Greg unboxed 3, so let’s see what he was able to pull.

In the video, Greg goes box-by-box with the three wands, showcasing their design, as well as the items that come along with them. In addition to the wands themselves, there’s a neat stand so that you can put them on display in your room. We won’t spoil which three wands are featured in the video, so you’ll have to tune in and check it out.

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