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Unboxing & review: Ditto Pokemon bean bag chair

We got our hands on a massive Ditto bean bag chair and showed it off in this new video.

Ditto has been one of the most iconic creatures in the Pokedex since the first generation of the JRPG franchise. This shape-shifting blob has remained a staple throughout the years and has made appearances across many mediums. In a new line of merchandise, Ditto gets a huge bean bag chair for Pokemon fans to decorate their living space with. The Pokemon Company was kind enough to send Shacknews a Ditto bean bag chair, and we’ve unboxed it on camera for your viewing pleasure.

In our unboxing video, Shacknews head of video Greg Burke finds himself face to face with a massive Ditto. This bean bag chair is so large that it doesn’t even fit in our usual unboxing setup. It’s far larger than Ditto is in the Pokemon universe according to its Pokedex entry. As a bean bag chair, it doesn’t require as much setting up as most of the products you see on our channel.

A zipper in the back makes it easy to remove the Ditto cover from the actual bean bag so that it can be washed. As for size and comfortability, the Ditto bean bag chair is a good fit and comfortable to sit in, even for an adult.

If you’re a Pokemon fan or know one that would dig a cool new seating option in their home, the Ditto bean bag chair seems like a solid option. If you’re looking for more unboxing videos, be sure to dig through the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels for more delicious content.