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Unboxing & review: Ghostbusters Afterlife Plasma Series Figures

In celebration of the new film, we got our hands on new figures based on some popular Ghostbusters.

Who you gonna call? Shacknews! Well, you’ll probably want to call the Ghostbusters, too. The Ghostbusters franchise is back in the spotlight with the release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and of course there’s an abundance of new merchandise to celebrate the occasion. We were lucky enough to receive some new Ghostbusters: Afterlife Plasma Series Figures, so we unboxed them on camera for your viewing pleasure.

Shacknews Head of Video Greg Burke proved that he ain’t afraid of no ghosts with a new unboxing video over on our YouTube channel. Our resident superfan received the new Plasma Series Figures from the kind folks over at Hasbro, and went box-by-box looking at everything included with the figures. What’s neat, Greg is joined by Chris Nance, co-founder of the Northern California Ghostbusters. The duo puts their expert knowledge of the franchise to use in the video.

With the Plasma Series figures being based on the newest Ghostbusters film, it includes characters both new and old. Trevor, Podcast, Lucky, Peter, Ray, and Winston are all featured in the series. The characters are all donning the iconic Ghostbusters uniform, with different accessories and flairs unique to their character. There’s also several smaller items and knickknacks for buyers to enjoy.

To get all the nitty gritty details, you’ll have to watch the full unboxing. Once you’re done, be sure to subscribe to both the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels for more in-depth unboxing and review videos.