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Unboxing & review: Pokemon Fusion Strike Elite Trainer Box

We’re back with more exciting Pokemon Trading Card pack openings!

There’s a great joy in acquiring a fresh set of Pokemon Trading Cards, opening the packs and carefully going through each individual card in hopes of scoring a rare pull. We here at Shacknews are no strangers to that phenomenon and regularly open Pokemon Card packs on our YouTube channel. That’s exactly what we’re doing in our latest video, as The Pokemon Company was kind enough to send us a Pokemon Fusion Strike Elite Trainer Box.

In the video, Shacknews head of video and resident Pokemon TCG expert Greg Burke opens up a brand-new Fusion Strike Elite Trainer Box, based on Pokemon Sword and Shield. The large box is pink and blue and features the legendary Mew on the cover. Inside the box, there’s a lot of goodies to check out.

The box comes with a bunch of Energy cards, which are necessary for using different Pokemon moves in battle. There’s also markers and a handful of dice, making it a great pack for beginners looking to get into the Pokemon TCG. As for the cards, the Fusion Strike Elite Trainer Box comes with eight booster packs, which Greg opens all of in the video.

Be sure to watch the full video to see if Greg is lucky enough to pull any rare cards in this round of card pack openings. If you’re into this sort of content, we’ve got loads of more Pokemon TCG videos over on the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels as well. Make sure to subscribe there so that you don’t miss any videos in the future.