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Leaked images of the achievable third-generation AirPods.

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There weren’t too a lot of surprises at Apple’s April 2021 event. The company had been expected to take those wraps off new iPad Pro models, new M1 iMacs and its long-rumored AirTags tracking accessory. We obtained all that, along along with an upgraded Apple TELEVISION 4K that were rumored given that February. Oh, and a few not forget how the iPhone twelve and iPhone 12 Mini are now obtainable in purple. But what failed to Apple announce? Here’s a listing of products we’ve been waiting around for, including (admittedly) a few that are more gossip mill wishcasting than certain or expected releases. Still, while we didn’t believe most of them might make their debut these days, we’re able to very well find some the moment June seven, when Apple is web hosting a virtual Worldwide Developers Conference

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AirPods 3

Rumors that will Apple was getting arranged to release third-generation AirPods have been circulating the past few months, with speak of possible delays pressing their release till the particular third quarter of the season — speculation that appears more accurate now. Often referred to as the particular AirPods 3, their style, based on possible leaked out photos, may share the lot with the AirPods Pro but will not really feature noise-isolating ear guidelines (and not offer energetic noise cancellation). 

16-inch MacBook Pro with M1 chip

Currently, the M1-equipped MacBook Pro is just available within a 13-inch model, plus it doesn’t perform a lot better than the M1 MacBook Air (which, of course, is very the speed demon). Those awaiting the 16-inch MacBook Pro to obtain upgraded with the M1 chip, along with the rumored 14-inch Pro model, will have to continue to keep wait. Again, these kind of developer-friendly laptops might be welcomed with open up arms at June’s WWDC, but Apple might be waiting around on an even much better chip (M2? M1X?) to power them.

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Larger iMac run by Apple silicon chips

At the April event, Apple gave us new M1-powered iMacs with flatter styles and 24-inch displays (up from 21.5 inches). But the bigger 27-inch iMacs remain unchanged for right now, despite rumors they will big 30-inch screens. Maybe these people, too, are awaiting the particular presumed M1 successor We mentioned above. 

Mac Pro M1

We waited years to obtain Apple’s revamped high-end personal computer, the Mac Pro. Now this looks like we’ll require to wait even lengthier for an upgraded edition of that computer gowns powered by Apple’s Intel options. Here, again, we anticipate Apple to wait with regard to an a lot more powerful M1 successor, therefore the delay can make sense.

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Midrange Apple display

Apple will market you its 32-inch 6K Pro Display XDR for any boatload of money (it begins at just under $5,000, and that’s without having it’s nearly $1,1000 stand). But owners associated with Mac Minis (and, now, the particular Thunderbolt-equipped iPad Pro) are usually still waiting for some thing that’s a little a lot more affordable. 

Apple Echo Show competitor

After Apple discontinued its HomePod loudspeaker, rumor had it that will it was working with an Amazon Echo Show competitor that joined an entry-level iPad having a speaker. Details remain hazy and it’s unclear whenever this type of product might become released. But given that will the new iPad Pro includes an ultrawide digital camera and Center Stage feature that will can dynamically pan plus zoom in on several people speaking in the shot makes it show up that Apple could draw something together without requiring the articulating arm upon the Echo Show 10.

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Apple soundbar with built-in Apple TV

Another rumored product which makes a lot of feeling for Apple to produce is a soundbar for the TV that has a good Apple TV “box” built-in into it. Roku currently offers several soundbars along with its smart TV applications built in, and Apple could easily ring the particular register on larger and much more sonically capable models. In addition to amping upward the sound from your own TV, this sort associated with TV speaker combo can potentially enable you to stream sound to a group of AirPods Pro or AirPods Max plus use Apple’s spatial sound virtual-surround feature without troubling others inside your household. 

Apple AR/VR headset

OK, simply no one seriously expected this particular long-rumored product to become revealed today. But this is actually the kind of thing — such as the Apple silicon chips a year ago — that Apple can conceivably outline months before its release in purchase to fall into line developer assistance. Add an Apple AR/VR headset towards the WWDC gossip mill for the moment, but once again — don’t hold your own breath for it possibly.

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