Warframe Celebrates 10 Years with Exciting Roadmap Including New Updates, Cross-Save; Mobile Port Due in 2024

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Digital Extremes just recently hosted a press special TennoCon 2023 preview occasion that Wccftech was invited to, featuring Warframe and Soulframe.

Warframe is turning 10 this year, having actually originally launched in 2013 for PC. Users are getting some limited-edition Heirloom Collections: special skins for Frost and Mag developed by original Art Director Michael Brennan (AKA Mynki), launched with a completely new class of cosmetic modification, the Signa, which is for helmets.

Most crucial, though, was the roadmap of future Warframe updates. The very first one to land in October is Abyss of Dagath, which is set to deliver the 54th Warframe, a brand-new weapon, seasonal Halloween-themed content, and numerous quality-of-life improvements including a companion rework that will get rid of permadeath.

The big update is called Whispers in the Walls. Planned to launch at some point in the Winter season (still in 2023, mind you), it is said to set off an impressive brand-new narrative for the video game, including a cinematic story that will answer concerns gamers have had considering that the very start of Warframe.

The TennoCon sneak peek didn’t include whatever showed today at the real program. However, what we saw started with Loid, the faithful Necraloid servant of the Entrati family, requesting the gamer’s assistance. Loid says he has actually dreamed (something that should not truly be possible for a construct) of a name: Kalymos.

We rapidly discover that it was actually a precept called The Kalymos Sequence. It requires Loid to wake the so-called Sleeper, a mystical character that voluntarily went to sleep a long period of time ago. Loid says that his Master Entrati never ever finished his final job called Vessels. They can not awaken up until the Sleeper does.

This Warframe update includes a hub growth into the Necralisk, where players will essentially find deserted Entrati Labs with brand-new game modes, new enemies, and new factions. The developers validated a brand-new Syndicate, new employer battles, and new suppliers. They compared the update to Angels of the Zariman for what it gives the video game, albeit the tone here will be really various.

Among the primary forces experienced here is that of Necramechs, which are getting brand-new units, both ranged and melee. Digital Extremes chose this faction due to the fact that it didn’t make good sense to use Grineer or Corpus here. They’re also a little bit of a hybrid between those 2 factions, having access to both energy abilities like EMPs and weapons. Necramech fights will be made more accessible, at any rate; no brand-new Necramechs will be available for players, however.

The demonstration showcased a brand-new secondary weapon too: the Grimoire, a book that channels Void energy and has an alternate fire.

This will be moddable similar to other weapons. The developers are even adding some interaction with the environments, as it’ll be possible to shoot vials to harm nearby opponents. The Whispers in the Walls update will likewise introduce a brand brand-new Global Illumination based lighting. In the Q&A part of the press event, I asked whether it would be applied to other locations as well. Rebecca Ford responded that it’ll be exclusive to the brand-new tileset for now, however the intent is to broaden it to the remainder of the game, though it may take some time.

Later this year, Warframe users can likewise eagerly anticipate the arrival of a long-awaited function: cross-save. There’s no precise ETA yet, but it’s coming at last. That’s not to say 2024 looks any less intriguing, thanks to the confirmation that Warframe Mobile is on the way. Digital Extremes intends to offer the exact same kind of experience offered on PCs and consoles. iOS users can currently register their interest here.

Additionally, Digital Extremes is planning a significant update next year called Warframe: 1999. It’ll take players back to the very start of the game, emphasizing classic hack-and-slash action, finding who Arthur remains in the original Excalibur match, and boasting a certified track from Nine Inch Nails.

It’s clear that the Canadian designer still prepares to continue improving its best video game, even 10 years after the launch.

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