Warhammer 40K: Darktide Will Feature an RPG-Based Skill Tree, Bringing New Abilities to All Classes

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Warhammer 40K: Darktide has had a problematic launch that forced the developer to fix the video game before launching new material and the Xbox Series S|X version. However, developer Fatshark hasn’t thrown in the towel and is now presenting a major brand-new feature that will go reside in October: full-fledged RPG-style ability trees for each class.

Compared to Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Darktide has just four different character classes. Fatshark plans to resolve the feedback surrounding lowered range with the October upgrade. Game Director Anders De Geer told PC Gamer:

When you release a video game and you have a rocky start, you have to start to reprioritize whatever and reassess the situation. Some problems are simpler to fix and some are more difficult to fix since in a video game all the systems play off each other. So some things have actually been cooking for a long time. We responded quick, however it requires time to in fact do it. And I do not believe players expect this fix, but it’s a good fix.

We desired players to get a bit more company into the classes, a bit more experimentation, support a lot more different play styles. We seemed like the dream of the Ogryn was not done. The story of the Psyker was refrained from doing. So we wanted to include more. Essentially what we’ve done is reimagine what a class in Darktide is. This is our big update: we’ve expanded the skill trees, included a ton of new choices and abilities, actives and passives.

The ability trees will have three main branches. Players will get a skill point at every level, and they’ll reach the bottom of the tree prior to getting all skill points. A few of the new skills added in Warhammer 40K: Darktide consist of a brand-new shield ability and a Force Lightning-style spell for the Psyker and a taunt in addition to a ‘enormous grenade’ for the Ogryn.

Fatshark did validate that the skill-tree progression system remained in advancement prior to the launch of Darktide, however developers believed it wasn’t prepared yet. There’s no exact release date yet for this update, but it must land in October.

News Source: PC Gamer

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