It’s a busy weekend with the Super Bowl coming up and Valentine’s Day next week. Perfect time to confess your love for that obscure game everybody hates. In the mean time, let’s jump into Weekend Discussion!

In case you missed it…

It has been a eventful week here at Shacknews with ton’s of amazing content on display. SuperGirlKels joined the WWES crew for an awesome stream and told us about how her competitive Smash journey began. 

We also had an a Madden Tournamanent in honor of John Madden’s recent passing. But it was basically just Donovan dominating with the Ravens every round. Still, here’s a highlight moment from Blake to make him feel better after Tuesday’s beatdown. Also check out our feature Building a better Madden to honor the legend if you are frustrated with how bad these games are as much as we are. 

Big Team Building was a fun time as usual. Take a look at this moment from Thursday’s Halo Infinite stream.

  • King of Fighters XV review: Burn to fight 
  • Nintendo Direct February 2022: All announcements, trailers, & reveals
  • Dead Island 2 reportedly still in development & could get new reveal this year
  • Nathan Drake voice actor Nolan North to narrate Uncharted audiobook
  • PlatinumGames wants to talk to Xbox about a Scalebound revival
  • Bandai Namco is developing an ‘IP metaverse’
  • Sifu review: Kung-Fu gripe
  • Team17 report includes details about low pay and sexual harassment
  • Splinter confirmed playable in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge
  • Nintendo Switch Sports is the spiritual successor to Wii Sports
  • Metroid Dread update brings Dread and Rookie difficulty modes

And now…The Internet

DC Comics is teasing what 2022 will look like for their comic book fans and some of what I see looks pretty impressive. I am more into The Rock’s Black Adam project after seeing some of the JSA present. Aldis Hodge is going to kill it as Hawkman. What do you think of the new footage? And which movie are you most excited about. 

It’s been a good week in the wrestling world with the debut of Limitless Keith Lee in All Elite Wrestling. The game they are working on over there is going to have quite the roster. 

Asuka may not be in the ring lately but she has no problem showing off her gamer side. I assume she’s enjoying the new Pokemon Legends: Arceus with all the downtime. 

Valentine’s Day is next Monday and if you don’t have a gift yet, maybe it’s time to spice things up with the new Build-A-Bear line. 

And if you are single like me, you may just need a drink. Here’s some Resident Evil inspired ones. Which one are you going with? 

The timeline after the Boba Fett finale this week has been a lot to witness. 

It’s Black Histoy Month and I still come across brands who are trying to check a box. Hopefully one day these companies learn to come correct. This tiktok sums it up well. 

Since it’s the time of the month for love, I figured I’d share this lovely moment between two news anchors who happen to also be a couple. Just watch!

Weekend Vibes

New Pusha is here. Nuff said. 

Two favs on the same track. You know that Rico canget rowdy and Duke is tryin hard to bring crunk back. Solid drop to get you hype for gametime this weekend. Also nice nod to Freddy Kreuger with the sweater in the vid. 

I love some dynamic visuals and this remix brings style to a smooth track. Also always a plus when Kali Uchis drops some vocals for a bop. 

Alright, that’s all for this week. I hope you all enjoy the game or at least the food this Sunday. If you’d like to help keep the lights on over here at Shacknews, consider subscribing to Mercury.  See you again next Saturday!