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Safecracker gives his opinion on safecracking in films

There’s nothing quite like a heist film. The gathering of the team, the working out of the plan, and eventually dealing with the safe or vault. Have you ever wondered how realistic these films are? I mean, we all suspend our disbelief and accept that what’s being shown is realistic. But sometimes it’s a bit far-fetched. It’s interesting to hear McOmie’s thoughts on all of the hottest safecracking scenes.

Your daily dose of sudoku

It certainly wouldn’t be a Sam Chandler edition of Weekend Discussion without a bit of Cracking the Cryptic. I absolutely adore this YouTube channel, with its hosts Simon and Mark. I don’t fancy myself very good at sudokus, but what I do love is seeing and hearing how the two of them approach these sorts of logic puzzles.

Coffee and its effect on society

This is a rather eye-opening look into how coffee has impacted society, specifically, industry and business. According to Pollan, it would appear that society has set itself up to account for the affects and need of coffee. Workers can now toil longer into the night, and nightshifts are a thing thanks to the advent of coffee.

And now… Other Stuff From The Internet!

Minimalist designs rule

Whether it’s movie posters, book covers, or home decor, I love it.

King of the Hill screens

In this episode, Hank tries to unwind with the boys and they almost drown. Good times.

Destiny 2 players! Get your codes here!

These hidden codes give you some sweet emblems.

Printers and scanners are the worst

They’re not starting to steal passports!

Weekend Vibes

What I’m listening to…

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