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The Antikythera mechanism

It’s incredible to think that this kind of technology existed so long ago. This sort of thing redefines our understanding of ancient civilizations. Part of me also wonders what scientific discover have we made in recent years that, if we were to just implement it correctly, we could advance our technology further?

The James Webb Telescope

Let’s continue our science trip with a look at the James Webb Telescope. To think that this hardware managed to successfully deploy is breathtaking. There were so many potential failures it had to overcome. I cannot wait to see the kinds of images that the James Webb Telescope delivers. Might we get more insight into the very first moments of the universe?

Your daily dose of sudoku

It wouldn’t be your daily reading post without a mention of sudoku. In today’s episode, Simon takes on a killer sudoku, but there’s something a bit special about this one.

And now… Other Stuff From The Internet!

My mate and his cassowary

It’s always hilarious seeing this image pop up on social media. The bloke in the background is a mate of mine. The bird, well, let’s just say you do not want to go near it.

Fix the grid

The grid needs your help.

Super Mario 64 but terrifying

This is super creepy.

I need a Zweihander

And a special mask.

Weekend Vibes

What I’m listening to…

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