Greetings, Shacknews! The weekend is here, so let’s chat with this latest edition of Weekend Discussion, shall we?

Fortnite taps the Arcane again

Fortnite is getting its second character from League of Legends’ Arcane show.

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Today in Electronic Sports

It’s another exciting weekend in esports! Let’s check out what’s happening, starting with the start of a new Call of Duty League season. Enjoy this one, because who knows what’s happening next year?

We move to this week’s LCS action:

And for the Apex Legends fans out there, the ALGS Pro League is in its playoffs!

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And now… Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

An M&M redesign we can get behind

I’d ask what Tucker Carlson’s chyron would read for this, but nothing’s topping this for pure comedy value:

Louder for those in the back

Somehow not loud enough. Maybe if he was “1980s professional wrestler” loud.

The future stinks

Technology just keeps running amok, doesn’t it?

Runny babbits

That’s the look you get when you cut one right into the camera.

Something for Killer Instinct 2, please

Yes, that includes Rash’s Pepsiman outfit.


Danhausen hangs out with the guys he’s made famous: The sons of Mr. Ass, Austin and Colton! THE ASS BOYS!

Tonight in video game music

In anticipation of the upcoming Final Fantasy 5 pixel remaster, Rebecca E Tripp delivers this orchestral arrangement.

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