Feels good to be back!

The first Weekend Discussion of 2022 is here! I missed you all! I hope everyone has been safe and in good health the past few weeks. There are so many games to look forward to this year and I’m sure we will talk about some on weekends from time to time. Well now that we are here, let’s dive in shall we?

PlayStation VR2 is happening. What should we expect?

Sony and PlayStation revealed the new PS VR2 at CES 2022 this week which was a pleasant surprise. While the reveal included some solid info about the brand new controllers which will feature adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, there’s still plenty of questions left to be answered.

Price point is going to be important. With PS5 consoles still hard to get a hold of, who knows if Playstation will wait before dropping the new headset. And if the price is too close to the PS5 offerings, there may be some backlash from fans who are already fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on a new system. 

The tech seems like  a major step up and may provide some competition for the Oculus Quest 2. Our very own TJ Denzer has been hoping that another company could fill the void for those of us who aren’t trying to be linked to Facebook/Meta at any point. 

Sony is building games from the gound up with their first party developers and there is a ton of potential there. I personally am hoping that this leads to more partnerships with Capcom to make some VR versions of Resdient Evil: Village and eventually the RE4 Remake. Imagine swinging through the city as Miles Morales in a Spider-Man 2 tie-in. With the adaptive triggers involved, I could see there being some very different directions chosen for each major project. 

What do you think of the PSVR2 announcement?

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It may be a new year but the team did an amazing job covering so many games last year as well. In case you missed out end of the year wrap ups and Best of deliberations, take a look at this vid and take a trip down the YouTube rabbit hole.

The Internet is vast and wonderful

This week has been filled with Elmo memes and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Elmo had to drp a response. 

The Elmo vs Rocko beef is deep man. 

I get it though because Elmo has been gettin disrespected for years. Just look at this. 

The year just started and I’m already asking for Godzilla to pull up. 

Thanks Nintendo for reminding us to be kind. 

I gotta show some love to Britany M Morris, the best selling author of the YA novel Slay, for joining Insomniac Games writing team. I look forward to seeing what kind of impact she has on this story and hope we get to reach out down the line whenever Spider-Man 2 is closer to release. 

Weeknd Vibes

This weekend belongs to The Weeknd. Not only did he do a special performance on Amazon Prime Video at midnight on release night, but he put together some incredible visuals for the album. We also have to mention the fact he’s even got the one and only Jim Carrey narratiing a creepy, euphoric, and surreal journey on Dawn FM. 

Another master of visuals dropped a collab with Abel as well recently. FKA Twigs always brings her own vibe. Enjoy. 

I have to show some love to live performance before we head out of here. Lucky Daye and Yebba was a colllab I was not expecting but I am definitely happy to see happen. 

What a week. Feels good to be back at it this Saturday. There are plenty of big things coming to Shacknews in 2022 and I hope you join us for the ride! See you all next week and remember to swing our Twitch channel for some of the live content and interviews we have coming soon. Good night!