Happy Saturday Shackers! It’s Saturday, and we’re enjoying our extended holiday weekend. With that in mind, we’d like to do some weekend discussion. Let’s dive into some of the coolest things happening around the internet this week.

Barbarian trailer

Check out the first trailer for Barbarian. An Airbnb horror story that doesn’t give much away in the marketing. It’s also got Bill Skarsgård in it, so I’m automatically interested.

Channel 5 covers Roe v Wade

If you haven’t checked out Channel 5, I’d highly recommend it. Andrew does a great job at getting his boots on the ground and going one-on-one with folks in the face of tragedy, controversy, and silliness. In his most recent video, he attends a pro-choice ralley in Seattle following the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe v Wade.

Dragon Quest Treasures

I’m super excited about Dragon Quest treasures. My adoration of the franchise was enough to get my curiosity, but the recent gameplay reveal from the Nintendo Direct has me looking forward to playing the game myself later this year. Hopefully it will be a good enough distraction while I was for more DQ12 news.

Did Adam survive the events of Saw?

Saw is a classic horror movie in my opinion. Such a creative and genuinely disturbing concept that James Wan and Leigh Wannell were able to conjure up early in their careers. In this video, MatPat dives into the franchise lore, making the case that Adam didn’t actually die at the end of the first film, but was instead behind the scene pulling strings throughout most of the franchise. It’s a bit far-fetched at times, but a fun “what if” scenario for fans of the series!

And now… Other Stuff From The Internet!

This poor Snorlax

Get him out of there so that he can go block a bridge or something!

A cute Bulbasaur for your Saturday

In other Pokemon news, at least Bulbasaur is having a good time.

Taylor Lautner’s fiance was Team Edward

Funny how things turn out, huh?

Steve Smith’s favorite play of his career

You know, it’s a good pick. However, I’ll do you two better:

Weekend Vibes

Here are some songs I can’t stop listening to…

Some highlights from this week at Shacknews

  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak crams more goodness into an already packed experience
  • Raft review: An ocean of possibilities
  • DNF Duel review: Delightfully Nice Fights
  • Wreckfest on Switch lets you enjoy chaos in small bursts

And that’s going to do it for today’s Weekend Discussion! Be sure to stop by tomorrow as Sam will wrap up the weekend with the Sunday edition of WD.

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