Western Digital Ultrastar & Gold 24 TB CMR HDDs Now Shipping, 28 TB SMR Drives Ramping

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Western Digital has actually begun volume deliveries of its 24 TB UltraStar & Gold CMR HDDs while likewise increase 28 TB SMR drives.

Western Digital's 24 TB Ultrastar & Gold HDDs Are Now Shipping, 28 TB SMR HDDs Ramp

The business has actually recognized the tremendous need from the cloud and information center sector, which is why they have actually chosen to present 2 various HDDs into the marketplace, utilizing the most recent tech onboard. The brand-new drives by Western Digital are the Ultrastar DC HC580 24 TB and Western Digital Gold 24 TB HDDs, which include enhanced performance and power effectiveness.

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Both of the disks include energy-assisted perpendicular magnetic recording (ePMR) innovation, which has actually assisted the business to use "the greatest capability HDDs on the marketplace ". Through the combination of OptiNAND, which is a fundamental architecture in the drives, Western Digital intends to control the market in regards to effective and effective efficiency.

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