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What is an Alpha Pokemon – Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Here’s what Alpha Pokemon are in Pokemon Legends: Arceus and what makes them special.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus does a lot to separate itself from what we’re used to getting in Pokemon games. One new element is the addition of Alpha Pokemon, which players will encounter during their journey throughout the Hisui region. Let’s take a look at what exactly Alpha Pokemon are and what makes them so unique.

What are Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Acreus?

An Alpha Snorlax in the Obsidian Fieldlands

Alpha Pokemon are more aggressive and powerful versions of Pokemon that you will encounter while exploring Hisui. Alpha Pokemon have bright red eyes and are significantly larger than their standard versions. Take this picture of an Alpha Starly beside a regular Starly as an example.

Alpha Pokemon will often be found in areas where regular forms or pre-evolutions of that same species can be found. They have an aggressive disposition by default, and will immediately attack the player if they spot them. Defeating an Alpha Pokemon in battle will reward players with rare items, including Grit Dust, Rock, and Pebbles.

You can also catch Alpha Pokemon and add them to your team. Since they’re aggressive you’ll usually need to engage in battle and lower their HP before you’re able to attempt a catch. Later on in the game, if your party Pokemon are a higher level than the Alpha Pokemon, you can attempt to catch it without battling. However, you’ll need to toss a Pokeball without being spotted.

An Alpha Starly next to a regular Starly.
An Alpha Starly next to a regular Starly.

Alpha Pokemon are valuable creatures to have in your arsenal, as they have increased stats over their regular counterparts. Some Pokedex Research Tasks even ask the player to catch an Alpha Pokemon. A red Alpha symbol will appear next to a Pokemon’s gender when viewing it in the menus to indicate that it’s an Alpha Pokemon.

Now that you know more about Alpha Pokemon, you’re better equipped for the inevitable moments that you come face-to-face with these creatures during your journey through the Hisui region. For more on Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Shacknews is your place.