What Is Digital Secure On Android (And Can You Turn It Off?).

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As the internet and the devices used to browse it become bigger and fancier, it's more important than ever to have a reliable source of security on your personal devices. You need resources to protect yourself from viruses, monitor Wi-Fi security breaches, secure your privacy when browsing online, and more. Since these features are so vital, many commercial devices come pre-loaded with some manner of security software.

For example, if you're a customer of Verizon and purchase your newest Android smartphone from them, you may find an app called "Digital Secure" on it when you first boot the device up. Digital Secure is Verizon's own suite of security utilities that comes pre-loaded on all Android phones that it sells (with the exception of Google Pixel devices). 

What exactly does the Digital Secure suite encompass, though? If you're not satisfied with it, is there a way to remove it from your Android smartphone?

Digital Secure's features

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Digital Secure is meant to serve as a one-stop-shop for all of your mobile security and privacy needs. By utilizing all of the included features, you can protect your Android smartphone, mask your identity, track your belongings, and so on.

The Digital Secure suite includes nine primary features. The first and most obvious is an antivirus program, designed to protect your phone from any viruses or malware you might pick up while browsing the web. Second is the app privacy analyzer, which tracks and documents any attempts by installed apps to record or utilize your personal data.

There are also web and Wi-Fi security features that automatically steer you away from sketchy websites or unsecured Wi-Fi signals. Additionally, there's a built-in VPN for masking your presence online. The system check feature alerts you to new updates for your phone's software, and warns you in the event your phone has been rooted.

Finally, there are several identity theft prevention features, including lost wallet protection, identity recovery support, and cyber monitoring, which scours the web for any mentions of your personal information being used in unsavory manners.

Do note that the version of Digital Secure that's pre-loaded on Verizon-sold Androids is the free version, which may not have full access to all of the features in the suite. There is a premium subscription you can pay for in the app itself.

Can you remove Digital Secure?

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Digital Secure is pre-loaded on all Verizon-managed Android smartphones, included as part of the usual package of apps and utilities that Verizon adds to its merchandise. Since the app is pre-loaded, it is unfortunately not possible to completely remove it from your phone. If you installed Digital Secure yourself from an external source like the Google Play store, then you could remove it, but otherwise, it's there forever.

That said, while you can't remove Digital Secure entirely, it is possible to disable its functions. It'll still be taking up space on your phone, but it won't run in the background anymore:

  1. From your Android phone's home screen, open the Settings app.

  2. Scroll down and tap the Apps menu.

  3. Tap "See all apps" to get your full apps list.

  4. Find and tap Digital Secure.

  5. In the Digital Secure app menu, tap the "Force Stop" button.

  6. After the app has been stopped, tap the "Disable" button.

Since Digital Secure isn't a vital system service like your Phone or Messenger apps, you should be able to disable it in this manner. Just remember, if you subscribed to Digital Secure premium, they'll keep charging you even if the app isn't actively running. If you don't want to use Digital Secure at all, make sure you unsubscribe first.

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