Whatever You Need To Know About Lucid's Gravity SUV: Range, Speed, Price & More

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Lucid Gravity

Lucid Motors — the company behind the Air, one of the industry's longest range EVs – has just unveiled details about its first SUV, the upcoming 2025 Gravity. First, and probably of most interest to potential owners, there's the all important question of range. According to Lucid, the Gravity has a projected range of 440 miles, trim-depending. If Lucid delivers on that claim, the Gravity would be not only the longest range SUV available, but one of the longest range EVs period. 

Interestingly, Lucid also notes that the Gravity will ride on a new platform and use newer electric motors than what currently powers the Air. This not only means the Gravity isn't just a tall sedan, but Lucid is taking its lineup and manufacturing processes seriously enough to invest in new model architecture. Lucid also says that the starting price would begin under $80,000. That's still firmly in the huge luxury SUV territory, but it's more realistic than higher end Lucid Air models like the Grand Touring which starts at $125,600, and the ultra-quick Air Sapphire which will set you back $249,000.

How it stacks up to the competition

Lucid Gravity

On the inside, the Gravity gets many contemporary SUV features like fold-down second and third row seats. This feature gives the Gravity "more than" 112 cubic feet of interior storage space. For comparison, a Tesla Model X has an interior cargo capacity of 91.6 cubic feet, while the Rivian R1S touts 104 cubic feet of storage. As far as instrumentation and screens go, the driver gets to enjoy a 34-inch curved display, and all pertinent software for both the infotainment system and the vehicle itself can be updated over the air.

For speed, the Gravity is reported to accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in as little as 3.5 seconds. The aforementioned Tesla Model X can do that in 3.8 seconds (2.5 seconds if its a Model X Plaid) while the Rivian R1S can complete the sprint in 4.5 seconds for the base model, 3.5 seconds if you get the Performance AWD model, and 3 seconds flat for the Quad-Motor model. For towing, the Gravity can tow 6,000 pounds, while the Tesla Model X is rated for 5,000 pounds, and the Rivian can pull up to 7,700 pounds.

The SUV for mindfulness

Lucid Gravity Interior

Then there's the charging speed. Lucid says the Gravity's 900-volt architecture can replenish 200 miles of charge on 15 minutes, assuming you can find a sufficiently potent DC fast charger first. Peter Rawlinson, the CEO of Lucid Motors states: "Its smaller, lighter, and higher technology battery pack means fewer precious metals and minerals, less energy to charge, less electricity consumed, less pressure upon the grid, and a lighter weight and more dynamic vehicle." The Gravity also features an optional "Zero Gravity" air-suspension system that allows for both automatic and manual adjustments depending on road conditions.

For interior amenities, Lucid says it's "designed for both the body and the mind." That means the Lucid Gravity's interior, through both Lucid's Sanctuary and Spaces programs, will feature guided meditations (yes, really) and other mindfulness exercises that can "introduce tranquility on the go, whether you're on the road or parked at a charging station." Maybe more important, the second row seats will slide forward and back, and will have fold-out tables for getting work done on the move. 

Lucid says the production of the 2025 Gravity is expected to begin late in 2024, and will have more details — including individual trims — to share closer to that release.

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