WhatsApp Users Will Soon Have The Ability to Send HD Videos and Better Text Formatting Options

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WhatsApp, as a messaging app, has actually come a long way with abundant functions that make the total user experience even better. Sure, it doesn’t receive updates at the very same frequency as some of the competitive apps, but that truly isn’t a bad thing due to the fact that the functions that you get are truly good.

Previously this year, WhatsApp lastly acquired an option to send out pictures in a greater quality. This was a much-needed feature due to the fact that before this went live, individuals used to send out images as documents to avoid the heavy compression. Now, the messaging app is getting the function to send HD videos, so if you do have some cat videos to show your buddies, you can now send them in HD.

WhatsApp keeps including brand-new features to make the general user experience a lot better

Users will now have the ability to send out videos in HD, which implies that your videos will now have 1,280 x 720 resolution instead of the 480p that was the default. While it is still not FHD or QHD, it is still plenty for videos and should not take a lot of storage, either. The feature is simple to use– when you send out a video to somebody, you will see an HD badge on the top of the screen. Just tap that, and you are great to go. Additionally, if you don’t want to send the video in much better quality, simply neglect that entirely.

Another feature pertaining to WhatsApp is going to be the ability to format your text in more methods than simply vibrant and italic. The feature will let you add bullets, code blocks, and quote blocks for a more comprehensive experience. This feature is presently in beta phases and is not offered to everybody, but we will keep you published as we hear more about the feature.

I am really glad WhatsApp is gradually getting increasingly more features that will make the user experience better. As opposed to functions that are released and are not utilized by anybody, these features do have a user base, and a lot of individuals have actually been requesting for these features, as well. The platform is presently dealing with a number of brand-new features that we might see in the future, so if you are looking for them to come out to the steady channel, make sure to keep inspecting back, and we will notify you when the brand-new features hit the beta or stable channel. News Source: WaBetaInfo

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