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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy leg techinques in on Saturday, yet the Facebook-owned messaging app is giving people the bit more time in order to review and accept the particular update. But, that will not last forever. Here’s exactly what the company says may happen if you continue in order to delay.

After a “period of a few weeks,” simple guidelines about the new plan will become “persistent,” WhatsApp said in the blog post, adding that will you’ll eventually face “limited functionality” unless you accept the particular update. 

“For these that have not however had a chance in order to do so, their balances will not be removed or lose functionality upon May 15,” mentioned a WhatsApp spokesperson within an emailed statement upon May 7. “We’ll carry on in order to provide reminders in order to those users within WhatsApp in the weeks to come.” The spokesperson also said a vast majority of people who have got received notices about the particular app’s privacy policy modifications have accepted the brand new terms of service. 

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WhatsApp previously this year faced the slew of backlash through privacy advocates and actually Tesla and SpaceX TOP DOG Elon Musk following the statement about an updated plan, eventually delaying the change to May 15. In response to concerns that will it’ll share private information along with corporate parent Facebook, WhatsApp said the update won’t affect the privacy associated with messages with family and friends, plus instead relates only to messaging businesses with the platform

People who place off accepting the personal privacy update even after simple guidelines become persistent won’t end up being able to access their particular chat list but can still be able in order to answer incoming phone plus video calls, WhatsApp mentioned, and will also end up being in a position to tap on notices to reply to messages or even return a missed contact. If you continue in order to hold out even with the “few weeks of restricted functionality,” WhatsApp mentioned it’ll stop sending phone calls and messages for your mobile phone. 

The company furthermore noted that its current policy on inactive customers will still apply, which means your account may end up being deleted if it’s non-active for 120 days. 

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