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WhirlwindFX’s Atom 60%-size mechanical gaming keyboard isn’t very too different from some other similarly sized options. The compact build is the space saver, great in case you need extra mousing room while you sport. It’ll also slide simply in to a backpack for take a trip (it has a detachable braided USB-C cable in order to help with that, too). The company offers a selection of three mechanical switches and they are all brilliantly lit along with RGB LEDs. Those lighting and the company’s software program, though, are key in order to a more immersive video gaming experience. 

Like the carrier’s full-size keyboard, the Atom is slim and durable. The outside is dull black plastic so a person don’t have to get worried about wiping fingerprints away from all the time. The backplate is white anodized aluminum material, which really helps increase the particular glow from the per-key RGB LED lights. Rubber pads on the particular bottom help to keep the Atom in place while you are video gaming and there are flip-down feet in the back again for the second typing position option. 

Secondary essential functions are printed upon the particular fronts of the particular double-shot ABS plastic keycaps. 

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Since the Atom is smaller, this has a secondary functionality layer accessible by pushing the Fn key in addition other keys. The functionality keys, for instance, are usually bound to the quantity secrets and you’ll find press and volume controls for the Tab key row. Those functions are all imprinted for the fronts of the particular keycaps. 

WhirlwindFX utilizes Gateron switches on the keyboards, in addition to your option of Red (linear), Brown (tactile) or Blue (clicky) (they’re not hot-swappable, though). I tested the Gateron Brown switches which are the good middle ground in case you want the Atom for typing and video gaming. They require a small more force than the particular Reds, though not really that will they’re tiring, and possess a subtle tactile lump. There’s the tiniest little bit of wobble for them that will I only really recognize when I’m typing rapidly. The same goes regarding spring ping, especially upon the spacebar. 

The keyboard’s USB-C port is definitely flush with all the body therefore you can use an additional cable if you desire something nicer than the particular included one. 

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Overall, it’s an amiable little keyboard. While annoying extraordinary about it in comparison to models from Corsair and HyperX, its sense, build quality and common features hit the tag for its $100 price. That said, I don’t have even talked about WhirlwindFX’s SignalRGB software that extends your gaming experience. 

About that software…

The Atom’s lights, or more particularly the application that controls all of them, is how this little key pad stands apart. The thing is definitely, a person even need the particular keyboard to make use of the software program. 

The SignalRGB app enables you set the keyboard’s lighting to have various effects during regular make use of so when media is enjoying including various games. The app has a collection of game integrations in order to choose from. I examined the Battlefield V incorporation, for example, and this does things like switch the keyboard lights red-colored when HP is reduced or green when you are cured. The Fortnite integration will alter the particular keyboard to pink plus red when you consider damage or purple whenever you add experience. There are a wide range of games accessible and, in case you really including to tinker, you are able to make your own integrations utilizing the company’s open-platform lighting software program.

The Battlefield V lighting incorporation lets you know whenever you’re about to expire and when you’re cured.

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While its keyboard counterpart light changes are usually nice to have, the particular SignalRGB software lets a person take things one step more by expanding the consequences in order to your other RGB video gaming peripherals. It supports more compared to 150 devices from Razer, Corsair, HyperX, Logitech, SteelSeries among others. You can furthermore request others that normally are not supported yet. 

I connected HyperX’s PulseFire Haste mouse and Corsair’s MM700 RGB mousepad along along with the Atom keyboard. Being able to mix equipment and also have them all operating together with the video game integrations was amazing. It change to pick upward on just the key pad lighting changes when if you’re in hot weather of battle, yet this really is easy to notice when all of your own gear lights up reddish colored when you’re going to expire. 

I did possess to shut down the particular applications for the some other accessories when using SignalRGB. Also, if you’re big directly into remapping keys and establishing up macros, that features isn’t available for the particular Atom or other carrier’s products. There are each free and paid Pro versions from the app along with the latter unlocking several advanced features and extra supplies. You can get per month of Pro free in case you enter promo code CNET but it’s not required to try out a lot of its features. 

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