Wow Avaloren Expansion Might Have Leaked Aheaf of BlizzCon

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The World of Warcraft Avaloren growth may have dripped ahead of a main statement at this year's BlizzCon occasion next week.

Wow leakages aren't that brand-new - in 2015, information about the Dragonflight growth in addition to Wrath of the Lich King Classic appeared online. Initially stemming from the World of Warcraft subreddit, we now may have another growth leakage - Avaloren. The other day, a Reddit user published pictures of reported news zones within World of Warcraft. This post, entitled "Is this 11.0" was gotten by Wowhead, and more information about World of Warcraft's reported next growth relatively emerged.

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Aside from the 4 brand-new zone images, we now likewise have actually an expected laptop computer screenshot discussing" Avaloren"as a brand-new continent within World of Warcraft, along with a shot of a phone displaying Khaz Algar accompanied by the words "mobile all set". We've consisted of the text which can be kept reading both images listed below:

New Continent: Avaloren The remote lands of Avaloren ordinary beyond the western horizon of Azeroth's storming seas. Separated for centuries, those that call these captivated kingdoms home have actually trusted the living world underneath them, bound to spiritual oaths and divided by old hatreds.


Charged with the defence of this severe desert plateau, the furious Agg'ora have actually ruled over their earthen domain with harsh effectiveness. As brand-new dangers show up, the unity of these as soon as undeviating goliaths has actually been fractured, generating a dispute that sunders the area.


Nestled in remote mountain crags, this roaring canyon rises with ravaging essential power, reduced by the constructs of an ancient center. Understood for their solidified nature and proficiency of the skies, the Stormriders of Khaz Algar have actually created a distinct tradition from atop their aerie fortress.

Wowhead's own short article on the matter includes some intriguing details and speculation about the reported World of Warcraft Avaloren growth, and we extremely recommend checking out that short article. We'll upgrade you as quickly as more details about World of Warcraft and its next growth is available in. In the meantime, remain tuned.

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