Wow on Consoles Is Still a Possibility: 'Of Course We Talk About It, We're Microsoft Now'

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Over the near-twenty years that World of Warcraft has actually been on the marketplace, the subject of a console port has actually shown up once again and once again, just to never ever emerge. By now, a lot of fans may have quit on the idea, however Blizzard is in fact still crazy about the possibility.

At BlizzCon 2023, Gamesradar spoke with Holly Longdale, previously designer and executive manufacturer on the EverQuest franchise and now vice president and executive manufacturer of World of Warcraft at Blizzard, about porting the enduring MMORPG to console platforms. While Longdale didn't make any guarantees, she revealed real interest and mentioned that Blizzard is now a subsidiary of Microsoft, the platform holder of Xbox.

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Obviously! Yeah, we discuss everything the time. I believe we're quite well located, which is sort of why we speak about it.

To your earlier point, for a console audience, the approachability is most likely going to be various. Now, we're focused on the Worldsoul Saga. If that comes up, then we'll reconsider things, however, male, we've got enough to deal with right now.

We've got these 3 growths, and we are so fired up about them. Yeah, of course. It would be extremely insincere to state that we're not, like ... naturally we're speaking about that. We are Microsoft now.

Blizzard included native keybind, electronic camera, cursor control, and motion assistance for Gamepad controllers to World of Warcraft with the Shadowlands systems spot. Users wanting to play the MMORPG with a controller still require to utilize the ConsolePort addon considering that the video game includes no native gamepad UI.

That would be the very first agenda when preparing a console port, together with additional ease of access enhancements. We'll see if that happens; on the other hand, fans are questioning whether the Xbox Game Pass membership will supply any benefits for active World of Warcraft gamers, however that's not a discussion Blizzard had with Microsoft yet, stated Longdale.

At BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard revealed the enthusiastic Worldsoul Saga, arranged to unfold over 3 growths. We've talked to Lead World Artist Kristy Moret and Associate Design Director Maria Hamilton to read more about the very first one, The War Within.

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