You Will Soon Be Able to Clone Artists on YouTube Using AI as Platform Tests a Bunch of New Features

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We all know how YouTube is currently working on making the platform work better with the help of AI. However, AI has proved to be a double-edged sword for the platform--on the one hand. The company wants to introduce new AI-related features on the platform, and on the other hand, the company has to ensure that AI is not being misused on the platform.

YouTube is working on a bunch of new generative-AI features that could change the platform drastically

It is safe to say that YouTube has a lot to work to ensure that AI is not going to end up harming the platform. For instance, there is a song on the platform called Heart on My Sleeve that has AI-generated vocals from The Weeknd and Drake, both chart-topping artists. However, the issue for the streaming service is that if the voice is emulated and the video is uploaded on the platform, it could lead to a massive lawsuit.

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To add fuel to the fire that is already there, detecting AI-generated content on YouTube is not an easy task even for teh company. However, we now know that the platform is working on a few features that will allow you to emulate the voice of an artist, but this time, legally.

The first feature that we know about is called Dream Track. It works exactly like ChatGPT, but instead of giving you answers, it creates a track that you want it to. For instance, you want a Type O Negative song, but in the voice and style of Linkin Parks' Chester Bennington, Dream Track will let you just do that. Now, the catch here is that it will only generate a 30-second clip, so you will not have any possibility of cheating with the viewers.

YouTube is working on another tool called Lyrica, Google Deepmind creates this tool, and it will allow you to sing or hum a short piece of Melody, and the tool will create the track for you in whatever track you want. Lastly, we have Dream Screen, which is the company's way of detecting whether or not something is created using AI. The tool will add a very high-pitched note that cannot be heard by human ears, and it will allow the platform to determine whether the track was generated by AI.

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