YouTuber Shows Why Gaming On A NVIDIA Crypto-Mining "CMP" GPU Is A Bad Idea

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NVIDIA's crypto-oriented CMP 50HX GPU simply got transformed into a video gaming card however the efficiency ain't that terrific.

Minimal PCIe Lanes & Lack of Driver Support Makes NVIDIA's CMP "Crypto" GPUs Unfit For Gaming

The NVIDIA CMP lineup was revealed in 2021 when crypto-mining was at its height. NVIDIA saw a chance to use a paralyzed variation, which was targeted at customers who didn't desire much out of their GPU other than for its mining efficiency. While the lineup did deal good outcomes for its wanted application, transforming it for video gaming is an absolutely various circumstance.

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YouTuber, Sfdx Show made the conversion, and the alternative utilized here was MSI's NVIDIA CMP 50HX. Mentioning specs, the GPU uses 3,584 CUDA cores and 10 GB of GDDR6 memory. The memory runs at a speed of 14 Gbps with a 320-bit memory user interface, which puts its specifications on a comparable level to NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, the Turing flagship.

Using the CMP 50HX for video gaming may sound simple,

however it is a challenging task to do generally due to the fact that the GPU includes a special BIOS in addition to no existence of a screen port. If you handle to in some way run it, the next huge obstacle is the GPU's chauffeur. Since the NVIDIA CMP GPUs weren't gaming-oriented, there were no sort of motorists offered for them to run video games. The only method anybody can incorporate it is by using an older variation of a specific chauffeur, together with utilizing a Windows that does not carry out motorist recognition, and with this, you can utilize"informal"motorists for the GPU. It is crucial to keep in mind that such workarounds do result in considerably reduced efficiency, for this reason in any case, we recommend not to choose for such techniques, considering that eventually it would result in an inferior output.

Coming to the essence, Sfdx Show checked out a lot of titles utilizing the NVIDIA CMP 50HX GPU such as Counter-Strike 2 and Cyberpunk 2077, however as anticipated, the video gaming efficiency wasn't on par with the RTX 2080 Ti nor does it provide the efficiency that it must based upon its hardware specifications. Regardless of reasonably good video memory, the GPU had the ability to provide just approximately 25 FPS at Cyberpunk 2077. The factor behind the drop in efficiency is that the CMP 50HX has actually restricted PCIe lane width, which essentially produces a traffic jam, leading to such numbers. Crypto Mining work just put tension on the VRAM more than the GPU itself while video gaming work need both the GPU and VRAM horse power on board the graphics card to provide ideal efficiency.

When NVIDIA presented its CMP lineup, the business was so hectic with the" crypto buzz "that it didn't even attempt to check out any other usage cases of the GPUs. The constraints put in terms of PCIe lanes and motorist assistance make things more challenging, considering that in no method the GPU can be tuned for any application other than mining.

Because the crypto buzz ended, NVIDIA moved its focus towards AI and now we see consumer-level GPUs being utilized by information centers, AI, and likewise workstations. Will we get to see AI-specific GPUs such as the PCIe H100/H800 or A100/A800 running video games too? Just time will inform.

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