Zenfone 10 Will Be The Last Model From ASUS In The Series, As Organizational Restructuring Reports Persist

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ASUS presently develops and sells two mobile phone lineups to customers in numerous markets; Zenfone and its well-regarded video gaming handsets, the ROG Phone, however according to the current report, just one of them is stated to be retained in the future. Obviously, the Taiwanese company is going through some organizational restructuring that will require a merger of its two smartphone series.

Zenfone team stated to be combined into other departments or directly into the ROG Phone team, suggesting that the Zenfone 10 will be the last design

Though the Zenfone 10 harbored outstanding specifications and was custom-made for customers who preferred smaller Android smart devices, this lineup was never thought about a popular choice for individuals and neither was it selling in droves. TechNews declares that an internal letter from ASUS revealed the latter’s plans to move several employees from its Zenfone department to the ROG Phone group or other sections.

Mishaal Rahman has also reported on X that ASUS has actually taken down several older firmware bundles of existing phones. Though the company’s website is under maintenance, some users have actually mentioned about the removal of firmware in the previous few days. Offered how the mobile phone market has decreased, numerous producers, consisting of Apple, have cut down production and reduced their shipment estimates for the rest of the year.

Zenfone 10 pre-orders recently opened in the U.S. earlier this month, with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2-powered flagship beginning with $699, making it a quite engaging deal for those on a tight budget. Unfortunately, the tidy ZenUI might not have actually appealed to everybody, and even if the interface provided an user-friendly, uncluttered appearance, the fact that ASUS was only provided OS updates for approximately 2 years throughout the time of launch would have dissuaded a ton of potential customers, regardless of the rates.

The report does not talk about the future of the ROG Phone group, and thinking about that this department was producing smartphones with ‘over the leading styles’ and best-in-class hardware, its special aesthetics would be a main factor for ASUS to keep it alive, however whether this lineup is on life assistance, or growing, is something we can not talk about at this time.

News Source: TechNews

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